Next steps for the cannabis bank (Newsletter: December 20, 2021)


The VA panel votes to speed up sales; Memo from Congress on Marijuana; CA AG: seal cannabis records; Edible Hemp Infused German Bus Tickets

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the Joint Commission of the Virginia Legislature on Cannabis Oversight voted to recommend accelerating sales of recreational marijuana. If approved by the entire House and Senate, existing medical cannabis dispensaries could sell to adults on January 1, 2023.

Representatives Dave Joyce (R-OH) and Don Young (R-AK) sent a letter demanding that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “begin to seriously engage” in marijuana reform and remove it from Schedule I.

  • “Your continued silence speaks volumes. “

The Co-Chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) released a new memo on the 2021 marijuana momentum and priorities for 2022.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) issued a memo urging county prosecutors to stop delaying the required sealing and dismissal of previous marijuana convictions under a law he drafted as a member of the assembly.

A Republican Representative from Missouri who is sponsoring a resolution to put marijuana legalization in the 2022 poll, says he’s not optimistic about overcoming resistance to reform within his own party.

Berlin public transport agency BVG sells hemp-infused tickets and says bus and metro riders can eat to stay calm during the holiday season. It comes as Germany’s new government is committed to legalizing marijuana nationwide.


A federal judge granted compassionate release to a critically ill 90-year-old man serving a life sentence for a non-violent marijuana trafficking offense.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted. “I am working with @SenBooker and @RonWyden to pass our Cannabis Administration and Opportunities Act. Because we need to end the federal ban and make criminal justice reforms. And that is exactly what our bill does.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) spoke in a Senate floor word about his work on legislation to remove barriers to research on marijuana, which he says is needed before it is legalized or decriminalized.


New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (R) tweeted, “This year my administration legalized cannabis, fulfilling a promise made to the people of New Mexico, who overwhelmingly supported the effort. Legalized cannabis will create thousands of jobs in New Mexico and generate millions in income. “

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, currently Agriculture Commissioner, tweeted about securing 420 donors for her campaign, saying, “And yes, it’s high time to legalize marijuana!” We must win first!

the Louisiana The House Criminal Justice Impacts of Legalizing Cannabis subcommittee has held its first hearing.

A Tennessee The representative tweeted: “Democrats have been working on this for years, a handful of GOPs play like they’re on board, but never handle the bills. It’s time for that to happen and it’s time to listen to 81% of Tennesséens who want to see cannabis reform!

A Massachusetts The senator tweeted, “Let’s be honest, we need public and legal places for adults to use cannabis in communities that want to.” I filed S.65 to address nuisance issues and promote public health by giving adults a space to consume cannabis after purchase at a dispensary.

Texas regulators have appealed a decision overturning their ban on smoking hemp to the state Supreme Court, a decision that restores the policy for now.

Michigan Regulators have asked a judge to reconsider a ruling they say could allow the sale of moldy and contaminated marijuana.

New York approved regulators changes to the rules of cannabinoid hemp. Separately, the President of the Cannabis Control Commission said she hopes to have draft marijuana rules available for public comment in the first quarter or next year.

Colorado regulators have passed new rules on marijuana and hemp.

Arizona regulators have received more than 1,500 applications for 26 marijuana social equity dispensary licenses.

Maine regulators have submitted a report on the hemp program to lawmakers.

New Jersey regulators have published an FAQ on commercial marijuana license applications.

Washington state regulators have sent an update on the transition to a new marijuana tracking system.

Oregon Regulators will hold a hearing on the marijuana and hemp rules on Monday.

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Portland, Oregon officials released a note forecasting cannabis revenue.


A Canadian legislator deposit a Invoice decriminalize drug possession and erase past records.

australia Therapeutic Good Administration has rejected a proposal to reprogram psilocybin and MDMA.

Malaysia The deputy minister of communications and multimedia calls for the legalization of the cultivation of marijuana and kratom for medical purposes.


A review concluded that “it is evident that the risks of driving after using cannabis are much lower than other behaviors such as driving while intoxicated, speeding or using mobile phones while driving ”and that“ the medical and recreational use of cannabis is becoming more and more widespread , the elimination of offenses related to the presence of cannabis while driving should be considered (while impaired faculties – the law-based offenses would remain).


the American Cannabis Council launched a new diversity, equity and inclusion task force that includes officials from the NAACP and the National Urban League, as well as former basketball player Isiah Thomas and former Rep Carlos Curbelo (R- FL).


Acreage Holdings, Inc. has secured a $ 150 million credit facility with AFC Gamma, Inc. and Viridescent Realty Trust, Inc.

A patent on psilocybin from COMPASS Pathways PLC is questioned.

Havn Life Sciences Inc. announced that it is exporting naturally occurring psilocybin from its factory in Jamaica to the United States

Numinus Well-being Inc. started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. declared a quarterly dividend of $ 1.50 per share.

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