Salt Lake Chamber: Let’s Talk Business: Financing Mountain West Small Businesses


Here’s Derek Miller talking about business. Small businesses always need affordable financing to finance their growth. John Evans of Mountain West Small Business Finance is here to discuss the impact of their SBA loan programs on small businesses in Utah.


At Mountain West Small Business Finance, we empower small business owners to grow and succeed through our loan programs.

We offer SBA 504 loans to help businesses acquire the real estate and equipment needed to facilitate their growth. This one-time loan, in conjunction with a partner commercial lender, offers (up to) a fixed interest rate below the market for 25 years and (in most cases) a down payment of 10%.

The 504 Loan Program allows businesses to keep cash in the business and have low monthly payments, enhances the growth and success of small businesses through highly favorable financing terms, and encourages commercial lenders to extend term loans that would not otherwise be made.

We also offer working capital loans to help businesses finance their growth. Too often, small businesses that can repay are unable to obtain loans from conventional lenders because they do not have adequate collateral. With our working capital loans, qualified borrowers are not turned down due to lack of collateral.


Mountain West Small Business Finance promotes the growth of small businesses in our state. You can find out more about their offers at I’m Derek Miller from the Salt Lake House speaking on business.

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