Simmer with local double IPAs

The IPAs are amazing. They are excellent on their own or with food. You can discuss them with people who love them just as vehemently as someone who hates them and they come in a wide variety of flavors and sub-styles. India Pale Ale has a loose interpretation as being a beer of at least 6.3% ABV (no idea what that is in our state government’s preferred ABV, but I don’t know at what either point 35 degrees Celsius is hot or cold, so there you have it) and between 50 and 70 IBU, which basically corresponds to the bitter taste of beer. Either way, it’s an IPA, according to the most common styling guidelines put together by bearded guys in dungarees who know things.

Double IPA has no rules.

Double IPA can be super bitter, piney and resinous. It can be a juice bomb with tons of dry hopping and alcohol. They can be 7.5% or 13.5% and anywhere in between. It doesn’t even have to say Double IPA on the label! Some of them say Imperial while others say Great IPA. Some just say APIs and others say Triple Where Quadruple. Needless to say, I love Double IPA.

A holy war is currently brewing between two (2) Double IPAs: Squatters/Wasatch‘s Hop Rising and Templin Family Breweryit’s Ferda. I’m not here to find out which one is the best; they both sell like crazy and I’m not trying to catch a stray here. I mean the best of the rest made here in the Beehive state:

Kiitos Brewery has a beautiful DIPA, which lives up to its name Double IPA. At 8.5% ABV and it’s a bit on the light side, but it has huge citrus and pine hop flavors with a nice absence of too much malty flavor to drag it down.

Double Trub’l of Brewing shades has great citrus grapefruit flavors with a nice bitterness to finish. At 10% ABV, this beer has plenty of sweet, malty flavor and just a little heat to go with all those hops.

If you’re in the mood for a fat juice bomb, I feel foggy of 2 row brewing is for you. It’s a northeast (hazy) DIPA that brings the flavors of stone fruit and thick tangerine and, at a very stealthy 9% ABV, you won’t know what hit you after swallowing a few of these 12 oz crushable bottles.

Red Rock Breweryit is Elephant continues to be one of Utah’s best secret beers. Citrusy and accessible at just 8% ABV, this beer goes just as well with brunch as it does with dinner.

One of my favorite DIPAs was Hopulent of Epic Brew. EpicThe brewmasters of will replace the hops with the classic crackle malt backbone of beer to keep us guessing. Through all the changes it is always dry hopped and hopped to maximize those amazing hop flavors. Try to find a version of this beer around 8-9% ABV and find those delicious hop flavors with a killer nose. Now available in 12 oz cans!

Be twice the fun and twice the interesting by bringing a mixed sixer from DIPA to your next barbecue or summer picnic. Everyone will be twice as impressed with you (and you’ll be twice as funny).

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