Women of the Year 2022

Eevery year, Utah Company honors women who have made an impact in male-dominated industries including government, education, healthcare, nonprofits, and technology. The 2022 Women of the Year are honored specifically for their unwavering determination to make the world a better place and how they are forging new paths for women in the workplace. Join us in celebrating this year’s class.

Diane Acevedo

SVP of Operations & CX | Wireless Gabb


At Gabb Wireless, Diane Acevedo leads a large, high performing team that oversees supply chain, logistics, demand planning, execution, inventory management, operational systems, corporate training, technical support , customer experience and family resources. Diane’s journey has been non-traditional and non-linear. She started working in education, then in the legal field, and eventually made her way into technology. However, the common thread is being part of a mission-driven organization with an exceptional culture, learning environment, and life-changing products and services for children and families. Diane is excited to create a community of conscious leaders to drive change in their organizations by championing the underrepresented workforce: women.

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