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Here’s Derek Miller talking about business. Top performing leaders know it pays to plan ahead and focus on improving their business. We are fortunate to have a non-profit organization to help our businesses in Utah do just that. Here’s Winthrop Jeanfreau, Executive Director of iMpact Utah, to tell us how.


iMpact Utah is a nonprofit training organization and founding member of the Utah MEP Alliance. The Utah MEP Alliance helps manufacturers close their gaps in business performance so they can get bigger, stronger, and faster. Over the past 26 years, our hands-on engagements have helped companies transform managers into inspiring leaders – leaders capable of delivering results that accelerate revenue growth and achieve operational excellence.

Our extensive network connects senior executives with the best resources we have qualified and approved. Since 1995, iMpact Utah has completed over a thousand projects with manufacturers in Utah, increasing sales by over $ 700 million while saving those same companies over $ 60 million. In this process, we have helped these businesses create or maintain over 40,000 jobs.

If you need help with your business, let us know. We will analyze the current situation of your business, show how we can help you and how we will measure expected results.


Utah’s economy has been a powerhouse over the past decades, and we’re consistently ranked as one of the best states for doing business – thanks to great people and great leaders. You can find out more at I’m Derek Miller from the Salt Lake House, and Speaking on Business.

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